Monday, June 15, 2009

Fantasizing About It

We were sitting around with some friends yesterday afternoon, enjoying the beautiful day. We were telling some dirty jokes, laughing. One of the guys looked at me.

"Do you remember your first blow job," he asked.

I blushed a little. "Yes," I answered, thinking back in my life, remembering the woman.

"How'd it taste," he asked, to a big laugh from all the couples there, a nervous laugh from me.

I saw Emily out of the corner of my eye, laughing, sipping from her wine glass, looking at me as I blushed.

What was she thinking?

Read below...

Home later that evening, Emily and I were in bed, cuddling, our satin chemises rubbing erotically between our skin.

"Do you remember your first blow job," she asked me chuckling. "You were blushing."

"Was I?"

"Yes. Your face got beet red when he asked you how it tasted." Emily had her hand on my stomach, lazily circling over the lilac satin, gradually going lower.

"Well, what guy wouldn't blush?"

"I suppose," she said, lightly going lower, finding the waist band of the panties I was wearing under my chemise. "But what's a guy's reaction got to do with a sissy's reaction?" Finally, her fingers found what she was looking for, as for a few short seconds she rubbed the front of my panties.

"What do you mean, Em," I mumbled through a sharp intake of breath as she continued to rub my soft mound through the panties and the chemise.

"I'm not sure, maybe it's nothing," she said.


"Well, you just had a strange look on your face, and, I suppose, you are a sissy..."


"You've never given a blow job, have you?"

"Emily," I yelped.

"I take that as a no?"

"No, I've never given a blow job," I answered.

Emily pulled up the hem of my chemise, exposing my panties, pulled them, exposing my still soft, but swelling penis. She took me into her hand, started massaging me while kissing and licking me ear.

I closed my eyes, enjoying the sensation, her soft hand on me, playing with me, making me grow.

"Have you ever fantasized about it," she whispered between kisses?

"What," I asked, eyes closed, mind still focused on her hand touching me.

"Have you ever fantasized about giving a man a blow job," she asked.

"Emily," I moaned, her question overcome by her masturbation of me.

"You're so pretty, you know that. Haven't you ever fantasized about taking a man's cock into your pretty mouth, sucking him, sucking his cock?" She was licking my ear, rubbing my now very hard erection.

"Em," I groaned, "please."

"Have you ever fantasized about sucking cock, sissy? It's okay, you can tell me."

Her hand on my erection was too much. It clouded my brain, confused things. I could not think straight.

"It's just fantasy, sweetie, fantasy. Have you ever fantasized about it? Have you ever fantasized about giving a blow job? Wrapping your red lips around a man's cock?"

She was stroking me, pushing me to the edge. "Yes," I moaned admitting it, "yes."

"I thought so, sissy," she whispered as I got closer, closer. "I though so."

"Mgmef," some word, grunt, escaped my mouth as her hand brought me to the edge.

"You've played with yourself fantasizing about giving a blow job, haven't you?"

"Uggff," I gasped, exploding, hips moving up and down, warm, wet cum shooting from me.

"Shhhh, it's okay lover, your secret is safe with me..."

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