Friday, June 5, 2009


"Em," I called out, wondering where she was. I walked into the bedroom, found her, naked, touching herself.

"Hmmm," she moaned quietly, "you're finally home."

"I..." I wasn't sure what to say. She knows I love watching her touch herself.

"Are you tucked," she asked.

Tucked? Yes. I was wearing a pair of full cut panties under my open bottom girdle. I was completely tucked. I like to do this, makes me feel more feminine during the day. With the panties and girdle, there was no way it could move without getting undressed.

"Yes," I said, reaching for my belt, as I started to quickly undress.

When I was out of my work clothes, down to just my lingerie, Emily told me to stop.

"You can take off your work clothes, but that's all."

I just stood there, frozen. "But..."

"Hmmm," she moaned again, slowly starting to rub herself. "I've been so horny all day, it's too bad you're tucked away, unable to play."

I watched her, watched her masturbate, watched her cum. It hurt, really, swelling while tucked, swelling, trapped, so excited, unable to do anything but watch...

Watch her tease herself.

Watch her play with herself.

Trapped. Teased.

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