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Gaga wears condom outfit to promote safe sex

Lady Gaga wore a 'latex condom inspired outfit' on 'Good Morning America' to promote 'safe sex'.

The pop star's fashion choices often come without explanations, but she offered a partly-bizarre, partly-innovative reason for her latest wacky outfit on 'GMA' Thursday.

Dressed in a nude-colored latex ensemble, the singer said, "today was a latex condom inspired outfit because we had to talk about safe sex."

The outfit related directly to her work as a spokesperson for MAC's Viva Glam campaign, which advocates for HIV/AIDS prevention.

During her interview, Gaga said she thinks her "little monsters" are supportive of her efforts.

"I know my fans very well and they think it's cool to be aware about sex, aware about the world and aware about things like HIV and AIDS and protecting themselves," the New York Daily News quoted her as saying.

The "Born This Way" songstress revealed that her mom taught her about safe sex at a young age.

Halle Berry has cut herself off from her family

Halle Berry's estranged half-sister has claimed that the actress has cut herself off from her family.

Halle, 44, who is currently in the middle of a custody battle with ex Gabriel Aubry over their daughter Nahla, has been accused of cutting off all ties with her African-American family by her half-sister Renee Berry, 51.

According to the Daily Mirror, Renee, a food service worker from Alabama, is desperate to reconnect with her famous sister, especially when she is going through such a difficult time in the courts.

Renee is the daughter of Halle's late African-American father Jerome and Edwina Taylor, who broke up with him shortly before he started dating the actress' mother Judith Hawkins.

Although Jerome and Judith split up when Halle was just four years old, Renee remained "very close" to Halle while they were growing up – despite cutting herself off from her father after the divorce.

"I'm sad to say it seems like she does not want anything to do with us. I have not spoken to her in about five years," the Daily Mail quoted Renee as saying.

"I tried to contact her through her website, to congratulate her on her Oscar, but no one got back to me.

"We would love to meet Nahla. We are desperate to understand why Halle is so upset, why she feels she cannot be with us," she stated.

Renee claims Halle was angry with her when she made a public plea to visit Jerome when he was dying from Parkinson's disease.

Lady Gaga is on a 'drunk diet'

Pop diva Lady Gaga has sparked more controversy saying that she stays slim by following a "drunk diet".

The 'Paparazzi' hitmaker, who has always maintained a slim figure, insisted she would never cut out alcohol in a bid to lose weight.

The 24-year-old singer admitted that her slender frame is down to exercise and her boyfriend Luc Carl's "drunk diet", which saw him lose 40 pounds while still partying hard, reported Contactmusic.

"I am on the drunk diet. I live my life as I want to, and creatively. I like to drink whiskey and stuff while I am working," she said.

Even though she is drunk, Gaga never misses out on her work-out and yoga sessions.

"The deal is, I've got to work out every day, and I work out hungover if I am hungover. And it's about the cross-training and keeping yourself inspired. I have to say, I do a ton of yoga," said Gaga.

Carl is currently working on a book entitled 'The Drunk Diet', about his non-traditional weight loss method.

Now, awards for best celeb nude scenes!

A website that is centred on celebrity nudity has revealed some of the best nude scenes by stars in its 12th Annual Anatomy Awards.

MrSkin.com, run by Jim McBride, offers movie reviews, photos and clips from mainstream movies, and it has revealed some of the stars and their award winning nude scenes.

First up is actress Lucy Lawless, 42, who wins Best Nude Over 40, for her role in Spartacus, and socialite Kim Kardashian gets Best Bikini for Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami.

Actresses Jessica Alba and Kate Hudson win Best Spanking Scene for their role in The Killer Inside Me.

"I consult closely with our content and editorial departments to make sure that no worthy nominee is overlooked," Fox News quoted McBride as explaining.

"There has never been an actual ceremony but it's something that has been discussed and may happen in the future," he added. All of the winners, in categories a lot crazier than the ones given, will be officially announced on Howard Stern's Sirius radio show.

Cameron Diaz loves watching porn in hotels

Hollywood actress Cameron Diaz has confessed that she loves watching porn in hotels.

The actress openly revealed that she enjoys watching x-rated films on Jimmy Kimmel's chatshow.

She confessed, "I love porn. You know what I love about hotels? How discreet they are.

"They always say: 'Your room will be charged the same as any other room. Titles will be used,'" she added.

The 38-year-old stars alongside ex-boyfriend Justin Timberlake and actor Jason Segel in new movie Bad Teacher and described the film as "filthy" but "fun".

Diaz also praised Timberlake for being such a good comedian.

She added: "We wanted Justin because he's such a brilliant comedian. He's so funny. He's very, very talented."

Human breast milk ice cream on sale?

A shop in London is selling ice cream containing human breast milk. The shop in Covent Garden used milk donated by a UK mom to make the "totally natural" treat.

According to UK website Parentdish, Victoria Hiley, 35, a mother of one from Leeds in northern England, has already donated a liter of her breast milk to Icecreamists parlor for the dish it calls Baby Gaga.

"What's the harm in using my assets for a bit of extra cash?" Fox News quoted Hiley as saying, who responded to an advert for milk suppliers on another parenting website, Mumsnet.

"What could be more natural than fresh, free-range mother's milk in an ice cream?"

The new parlor pays 15 pounds (24 dollars) for every 10 ounces of milk and has already had 15 mothers become donors. Each lactating woman undergoes the same health checks used by the UK's National Health Service to screen blood donors.

Matt O'Connor, 44, who runs Icecreamists, makes the dish by blending the breast milk with Madagascan vanilla pods and lemon zest.

"No-one's done anything interesting with ice cream in the last hundred years," he said.

"Some people will hear about it and go, 'yuck,' but actually it's pure, organic, free-range and totally natural," he added.

When Pamela Anderson drank dirty water

Pamela Anderson drank a glass of filthy water on US television to show how a cheap new filter can make water safe for drinking.

Anderson was promoting charity organisation Waves For Water on the Ellen DeGeneres Show when she agreed to demonstrate to the host how new technology turns filthy liquid into drinking water in the world's poorest regions.

"This is a crude, simple thing; it's based on dialysis - if you can clean blood, you can clean water... It's drinkable; I'm gonna drink it right now," dailystar.co.uk quoted her as saying.

"I took them (the filter bags) to India when I went to India and did a demonstration there and I gave it to a bunch of people and then they take it to different places and we just keep on kinda spreading it around... the slums of Brazil, my friends are there right now," she added.

England wicketkeeper admits he is gay‎

England wicket keeper Steve Davies, who missed out a spot in the squad for the World Cup, has become the country's first professional cricketer to publicly announce that he is gay.

Two years ago, Wales rugby centre Gareth Thomas went public with his homosexuality.

The 24-year-old Davies made the announcement in video interviews on the websites of a leading news paper.

Davies said he told England coach Andy Flower last year before going on the Ashes tour to Australia in which he played in the limited-over matches.

"I have got nothing to hide and I am ready to tell people... I feel it is right to be out in the open about my sexuality. I'm comfortable with whom I am - and I'm happy to say who I am in public," Davies, said.

"To speak out is a massive relief for me personally - but if I can just help one person to deal with their sexuality, then that's all I care about.

At the end of my career I want to be remembered as a good cricketer, not just as a gay cricketer," he said.

Flower said Davies should be regarded first and foremost as a talented cricketer.

"This is something Steve chose to discuss with myself and the squad some time ago.

I would like to make it very clear that Steve is first and foremost a very talented cricketer and a valued member of the England setup," he said.

"His private life is his own concern and has absolutely no bearing on his ability to excel at the very highest level in international sport and I have no doubt that he will continue to work hard to regain a place in the England squad," Flower said.

English players union chairman Vikram Solanki said Davies' personal preferences had been known among his peers for some time.

"Steve has the full support of all his colleagues in cricket," he said.

Katie Price's booze shame at Oscars party

Mum-of-three Katie Price a.k.a Jordan allegedly shocked guests at Sir Elton John's post-Oscars party – by getting trashed.

She drunkenly tried to snog horrified male and female guests before dragging a mystery man into a cab, reports the Sun.

The 32-year-old glamour model managed to corner Bros star Matt Goss for a kiss.

She also made a beeline for boxer Joe Calzaghe but he ducked out of the way.

Eventually she ended up dragging a bemused European man she had just met into a taxi. She was heard asking him: "How big is your ****."

One witness said, "It was embarrassing. People didn't know where to look.

"She was so drunk she was slurring her words and trying desperately to pull any man who would listen to her for more than 30 seconds. And there weren't many.

She was rejected by Calzaghe but managed to land a smacker on Matt Goss.

"She even tried unsuccessfully to kiss some women.

"In the end she went off with some guy she had just met.

"He obviously didn't know who she was. Everyone heard her asking him how big his willy was."

Heidi takes off her underwear at Oscar party

Supermodel Heidi Klum voluntarily removed her underwear at the 19th Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards viewing party to put in Jay Leno's gift bag.

During the event, Heidi was approached by Ross Matthews - aka Ross the Intern - from The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, who was looking for goodies from the event to bring back to Jay.

Leno didn't attend Elton's yearly Oscar party or get one of the fancy gift bags that were given out, so Ross went around asking the stars if they'd be willing to donate anything to the late night host.

After collecting a napkin with a red lipstick kiss from Hayden Panettiere a pair of shades from Jamie Foxx and various other items from such stars as Zachary Levi, Sharon Osbourne and Joel McHale; Ross encountered Tori Spelling, who considered giving her underwear to the cause.

"If I had a glass of wine I'd be so tempted to take my crotchless spanx off right now," she said.

Heidi Klum, on the other hand, apparently didn't need wine at all.

"I don't have a lot in here that I can give you," the New York Daily News quoted the model as saying while looking through her clutch. When she couldn't find anything in her clutch that she could donate, she made an offer Matthews couldn't refuse. "Oh, you can have my underwear. Wait, do you want my underwear?" she said.

"Jay will like that," Matthews said with a laugh as she tucked them into the bag.

Megan Fox goes topless in new ad

Megan Fox, who has been announced as the new face of Emporio Armani's fragrance Armani Code, has shot a sultry new television advert for the perfume.

The Jennifer's Body star, who had previously stripped to her underwear to advertise Emporio Armani's lingerie, has posed with a naked man while remaining relatively covered up in the latest advertising campaign.

Megan Fox, who has been announced as the new face of Emporio Armani's fragrance Armani Code, has shot a sultry new television advert for the perfume.

In sizzling scenes, the 24-year-old - sporting a sleek black bob - cavorts with the hunky male model on a rooftop overlooking the Los Angeles cityscape at night, reports the Daily Mail.

At first, the man is wearing a tuxedo, but, as the city lights twinkle below, he soon strips off and Megan is also seen naked wrapped in a black sheet showing just her back to the camera.

According to experts, Armani Code Pour Femme has notes of orange, orange blossom, ginger, pear sorbet, jasmine, vanilla, woods and lavender honey.

Armani meanwhile says the scent is a "sexy, femme fatale kind of perfume - a woman's mysterious code of seduction revealed."

Towards the end of the clip Fox appears topless wearing just a pair of skin-tight white Armani Jeans as she seductively leans across the back of the sofa.

The full version of the sexy TV advert is due to air in the next few weeks and advertises both the underwear and jeans spring 2011 collections.

Blank Sex Book is a Best-Seller

What does every man think apart from sex? A British author says "nothing" and has written a book on it. Except that the book has just a cover and has 200 blank pages. Sheridan Simove's book is titled - What Every Man Thinks About Apart From Sex, the Daily Express reported.

Students across Britain have understood the joke and are flocking to bookstores to buy the 4.69-pound paperback.

The book has hit number 744 on the Amazon list, ahead of Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code (number 2,910) and JK Rowling's Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix (2,406).

Nottingham University student Jess Lloyd said: "I bought a copy for my mate as a joke and he started using it as a note pad for lectures. Now everyone seems to have one. It's started a real craze on campus."

Fans have also joined in with book reviews.

"A must read for students studying anything to do with gender politics", "Couldn't put it down" and "Deeply insightful", a few reviews said.

One buyer even says, "I can't wait for the sequel!"

Sheridan, 39, is an Oxford University psychology graduate.

He said, "I never imagined in my wildest dreams that I would outsell Harry Potter."

Charlie Sheen makes Twitter record

His personal and professional life may be going haywire but actor Charlie Sheen finally has some good news.

He now holds the Guinness World Record for the fastest Twitter user to reach one million followers, after hitting the figure in just a day.

The Two and a Half Men star's tweets got hi m the impressive number of followers in just 25 hours and 17 minutes, reported Los Angeles Times online.

Sheen signed up for the social networking site on Tuesday afternoon and now has a staggering 1,503,871 followers.

The actor whose Twitter profile says that he is a "unemployed winner", could also make up to $1 million annually through tweeting product endorsements.

Sheen can earn between $200 and $25,000 for a single Tweet and could soon outrun Kim Kardashian, currently the most prolific star for earning money through social networking advertisements.

Sheen, 45, is currently embroiled in a custody battle over his 2-year-old twin sons with ex-wife Brooke Mueller, who has filed a restraining order against him.

The children were recently taken away by police from Sheen's Los Angeles home, which he shares with his two girlfriends, porn star Bree Olson and nanny Natalie Kenly.

The actor's other ex-wife, Bond girl Denise Richards too has decided that their daughters, six-year-old Sam and five-year-old Lola, remain away from their father.

Sheen's hit sitcom Two and a Half Men was cancelled earlier after he publicly abused the show's producers.

Britney Spears in nude photo scandal

Britney Spears' former bodyguard claims he has the embarrassing nude pictures the singer sent him from her mobile phone to lure him into her bed.

Fernando Flores has told pals he will use the "filthy" snaps in court to back his 9 million pounds sexual harassment lawsuit against the singer, reports the Sun.

"They are really explicit images that will shock and disgust the majority of her fans," said a friend of Flores, who claims to have seen the pictures.

"Fernando says he can prove the photos were taken on Britney's phone and sent to his mobile.

"He says she sent them last April when she was coming on to him on a daily basis. He left the following month.

"Some of the pictures show Britney with the camera between her legs. Others show her in provocative positions wearing lingerie.

"There are a few where she is naked, exposing herself in a way that she clearly hoped would make him aroused," he added.

Mum-of-two Britney, 29, however, denies the claims.

Her lawyers want the case heard behind closed doors or else "there is a real possibility that Ms Spears will be exposed to danger by the release of confidential and personal information".

Naked party to celebrate Putin

Russians chose a bizarre way of showing support for their beloved Prime Minister Vladimir Putin by going naked for a lavish party for the country's paramount leader, a year before presidential elections.

About 2,000 revellers streamed into trendy Moscow nightclub Rai – 'paradise' in Russian - for Sunday night's 'Putin Party'.

"This is for Vladimir Vladimirovich (Putin], who is the coolest, the most respected man in all of Russia," the Scotsman quoted organiser Andreas Lobzhanidze, clad in a pink shirt with Mr Putin''s picture on it, as shouting to the crowds.

Striptease dancers writhed with signs saying "I want the prime minister" to an electronic rendition of Blueberry Hill.

According to independent polls, Putin has about 70 per cent approval, the same as that for president Dmitry Medvedev, whom Putin steered into the Kremlin three years ago.

Lobzhanidze credits Putin for successfully securing the rights to host the Winter Olympics and Russia''s first Formula One race, both in 2014, and the 2018 World Cup.

"We got them all!" he screamed to huge applause, while women acrobatically twirled in huge plastic balls suspended from the ceiling.

Promoters said the party was to merely celebrate Putin, not to ask him to run for president again.

"He''s just so great. He is closer to the Russian people than any leader has ever been," pop singer and stylist Sergei Zverev said.

Spider venom 'could be the new Viagra'

Facing a little trouble in the bedroom and Viagra doesn't work for you? Well, spiders may help you.

New research shows that one arachnid might actually be best kept by your bedside.

A single bite from the Brazilian wandering spider has been shown to have side-effects including four-hour long erections. The eight-legged creature - also known as the armed spider, banana spider or Phoneutria nigriventer - is native to South and Central America.

Scientists at the Medical College of Georgia believe the species contains a possible breakthrough for erectile dysfunction.

"The venom of the Phoneutria nigriventer spider is a very rich mixture of several molecules," the Daily Mail quoted Dr Kenia Nunes, a physiologist at the college, as saying.

"These molecules are called toxins, and then we have various toxins in this venom with different activity.

"Because of this, when a human is bitten by this spider, we can observe many different symptoms including priapism, a condition in which the penis is continually erect," Nunes added.

Other side-effects on top of the long-painful erections include loss of muscle control, severe pain, difficulty breathing and if its victim is not treated with anti-venom, could lead to death due to oxygen deprivation.

But its unusual effects could be used to treat sexual dysfunction in both men and women, according to Nunes.

In her study Nunes' experiment managed to give erection-challenged rats with high blood pressure a bit of a boost.

A peptide called PnTx2-6 was given to the flaccid rats, who achieved side-effect free erections.

Nunes said: "We found the toxin responsible [for the erections] and performed experiments using hypertensive rats which have severe erectile dysfunction. The toxin was able to normalise the erectile dysfunction in these animals."

The spider's toxin worked in a different way to drugs such as Viagra though and Nunes told MSNBC: "This is good because we know that some patients don't respond to the conventional therapy.

"This could be an optional treatment for them."

The study has been published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

I had a breast job when I was 14: Paris Hilton

A best-selling author has in a tell-all book, revealed the secret life of celebrities he interviewed during his work as a pop culture expert.

Pickup artist and former celebrity journalist Neil Strauss wrote the back, `Everyone Loves You When You're Dead', based on interviews he did while working as a pop culture expert for the New York Times and Rolling Stone.

"A lot of these interviews came from the golden age of celebrity journalism," Fox News quoted Strauss as saying in an exclusive interview about the book.

"Celebrities are now keeping control of their image through Facebook and Twitter, and tell fans only what they want to tell them. You don't know the real person anymore," he said.

The book recounts how a then 19-year-old Christina Aguilera reacted to the news that a Baptist organization had named Britney Spears a role model of the year, based on her promises to remain a virgin until marriage.

"Oh? I can't believe that. She's not a virgin! Maybe it is Jessica Simpson, she is like that," Aguilera apparently told Strauss while rolling her eyes in disgust.

Strauss also claims that Paris Hilton, who had in 2009 said she would never get breast implants out of a fear of needles, revealed a different story.

"I had a breast job when I was 14, but my mother made me take them out," Hilton apparently told Strauss, according to the book.

"I'm thinking about posing for Playboy. They love famous people's kids. And the only reason I'd do it is because when my dad finds out, he'll pay me double the money not to do it," she had allegedly told Strauss.

Other celebrities featured in the book are, Britney Spears, Loretta Lynn, Gwen Stefani, singer Jewel, Sharon Osbourne, Hugh Laurie, Backstreet Boys, and Johnny Cash.

Magic cap that helps you spell words with your mind!

How great would it be if you could do away with a keyboard forever and simply type using your mind?

Now, that's possible using intendiX – a device that spells words based on brain waves.

Developed by Austrian company Guger Technologies, it's essentially a skullcap, covered in electroencephalographic (EEG) electrodes, with a computer interface, reports Discovery News.

The wearer stares at a computer screen, which flashes highlights over different rows in a matrix of letters and symbols set up like a keyboard on the screen. Simply by paying attention to the desired letter for a few seconds, the program can determine what the user intended to pick.

The 'magic cap' could be a blessing for those with spinal injuries or other conditions that impair use of the arms or vocal cords.

According to Guger Technologies, most people become competent thought-communicators after 10 minutes of training on the system and are able to spell out five to 10 characters a minute.

The user can also make it read the message out loud in digitized prose, print the text, or send it in email or via another electronic messaging system -- intendiX is Bluetooth-ready.

The only ability needed to use the system, besides a few seconds of concentration, is eyesight.

Britney shows off intimate tattoos

Pop sensation Britney Spears has flaunted her intimate tattoos on her inner thighs in one of her most revealing photo shoots ever.

The 'Slave 4 U' singer reveals her crucifix and star ink designs, not normally seen by her fans, in the April issue of Out magazine, reports the Daily Mail.

The mother-of-two looked in fantastic form and wore a black leotard in one of the shots showing her body is still in great shape.

Another of the images shows the 29-year-old wearing a black bra and underwear with an oversized blazer thrown over her body.

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Oprah Winfrey named highest earning celebrity of 2010

American magazine Parade has revealed the list of top 2010 money makers in their annual What People Earn issue.

The entertainment rich list includes some of Hollywood's finest actors, musicians, radio and television hosts and several comedians, reports the Daily Telegraph.

Television mogul Oprah Winfrey has landed the top spot, followed by the estate of the late Michael Jackson, iconic rock band AC/DC and actor Johnny Depp.

Tyler Perry had a great year, as did Judge Judy celeb Judith Sheindlin, 'Twilight' star Taylor Lautner and the former 'Two and a Half Men' star Charlie Sheen.

Other top earners were Beyonce Knowles and her husband Jay-Z, musician Lady Gaga and Academy Award-winning actress Sandra Bullock.

Also healthy paychecks went to talk show host Ellen DeGeneres, radio and television host Ryan Seacrest, real estate mogul and Celebrity Apprentice producer and host Donald Trump, and 'Twilight' co-star Kristen Stewart.

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Snake dies after biting model's fake breast

A snake attacked an Israeli model during a sexy photoshoot by biting into her surgically enhanced breast and later died from silicone poisoning.

Orit Fox, a B-list model and actress initially looked comfortable during the shoot in Tel Aviv, wrapping the massive boa constrictor around her legs, waist and neck while doing her best to look sexy, reports the Daily Mail.

In a figure hugging red and white striped dress, which revealed maximum cleavage, she gamely tried to take their bonding to the next level by licking the snake''s face.

As she maneuvered the animal into position for the ''kiss'' Fox loosened her grip on its neck, and after being licked the reptile reacted angrily.

It aimed straight for Fox''s prized assets and sunk its teeth deep into her left breast.

An assistant rushed in to help her pull the snake off and after a few seconds of struggle the creature released its grip.

The peroxide-blonde model was rushed to a nearby hospital and given a tetanus shot.

However, the snake wasn''t so lucky and died from silicone poisoning.

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